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Personalrekrutierung per Facebook und Twitter a...
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Personalrekrutierung per Facebook und Twitter:Soziale Netzwerke ersetzen den Personalberater R. Reuter

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6-Figure Social Media Marketing Secrets 2019: A...
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If you don’t want to miss out on what is potentially the ´´next big thing”, with Reuters saying it being worth $100 billion, then keep reading...Social media marketing is the latest innovation in the digital space.A study done by Smart Insights showed a 9 percent increase in the number of social media users worldwide each year, with a projected 3.48 billion active social media users in 2019.That is over 45 percent of the total world population!You’re probably someone who thought that social media marketing would be a breeze. That you wouldn’t have any problems with getting people to follow your brand online and hand over their cash. But you’re having a hard time, and you don’t know what’s wrong.Is this gold mine of an opportunity too competitive?Of course not!To prove this, look at companies such as Revolve. They have used the same tactics and are on track to pull more than $1 billion in this year alone!Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll discover:How social media marketing will take your business to the next level - think of how powerful the reach of Coca-Cola and McDonald´s is!The history of social media and social media marketing, and why social media marketing is essential in today’s business world.YouTube with explanations on SEO and content marketing.Facebook and how to use their ads to your advantage.Why overlooking this silly social-media habit could destroy your business (it almost took down a Nestle Pizza brand)…And much, much more!Social media is not going anywhere, that’s for sure. That’s something you can be 100 percent certain of.So the time to jump on the wagon and learn how to use it how to push your business to the top is now.If you want to see ordinary people like you make money from this amazing opportunity…then scroll up and click ´´buy now”. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Curtis Wright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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